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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions can be updated at anytime. Please read carefully and review at the start of each term. Thank you.


  • Students only need to enroll online once. Enrollment is ongoing. If you need to withdraw from a class, provide at least two weeks notice.

  • Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes and rehearsals for the year, on time. Classes may only be missed due to illness, dance competitions, and school commitments. Classes may not be missed for other reasons e.g. birthday parties, family functions, other sporting commitments, social events and holidays during the school term.

  • SMS notification must be given for students who are away. Students with injuries must observe their classes.

  • Students who miss compulsory classes and rehearsals, or do not attend on time, may be pulled out of a performance or examination. Any pre-paid fees will be forfeited. This is to ensure fairness to all students.

  • Please see Diary Dates for term dates and performance dates. Classes are not held on public holidays, Easter weekend or the Adelaide Christmas pageant Saturday etc. These classes are non-refundable.

  • Troupe students must exclusively attend dance classes at Premier School of Dance.

  • Premier will assist with finding classes best suited to a students technical ability. Premier needs to ensure that class members are at a similar level in their training so that they can move at a fast pace to cover all syllabus/training requirements. As deemed by the teacher, if a student's technical standard is well below that of other students in the class, they may not enroll/or will be withdrawn from that class. Premier wants students to feel comfortably challenged but not over-whelmed.

  • Parents must arrive 5mins before the end of class to pick their child up. Parents must collect children from waiting room. If a parent is late, a teacher will wait with the student to ensure they are safe. $1 per minute for child care will be incurred by any parent collecting their child after classes have finished.

  • Classes will be cancelled if temperatures reach 41 degrees and over as deemed by the Bureau of Meteorology, for health and safety reasons. Non-refundable.


  • An administration enrollment fee of $7.50 applies per term.

  • All fees associated with being a member of Premier School of Dance must be paid by the due dates. This includes but is not limited to term, competition, examination, and costume fees.

  • Term Fees are payable per term. Term dates are similar to South Australian school terms. Some terms may be longer or shorter but fees remain the same each term, with the exception of private lessons.

  • Existing Students: Total term fees are due by the end of the first week of the term. Term fees not paid by the end of the first week will incur a $20 late fee.

  • Mid Term Enrollments: Students: Total term fees are due within 7 days of enrolling. Term fees not paid within 7 days will incur a $20 late fee.

  • An extension of up to 3 weeks from invoice due date can be given upon request for term fees. A $20 late fee applies to all payments made after the invoice due date. If fees are not paid in full 3 weeks from invoice due date, the student will be removed from the class and cannot return until fees are paid in full.

  • Students will be excluded from performances if there are any outstanding fees.

  • Late payment of costumes will incur a late fee of $10. Premier has paid for costumes on behalf of the students. Parents must reimburse Premier in full by due date.

  • Any outstanding payments associated with being a member of Premier School of Dance may be sent to an outside agency for recovery. All associated costs must be paid by the parent/guardian, including agency costs.

  • All fees are non-refundable.

  • Fees will not be refunded if classes are missed by the student or if the student chooses to leave the school.

  • Fees will not be refunded if classes are cancelled due to a black out or other external factors out of our control such as extreme weather and water blockage in toilets.

  • Fees will not be refunded if classes are cancelled due to exams being held at the studio on that day.


Competition costumes are due in term 1 & 2

  • Troupe students / 2 costumes approximately
  • Private Lesson Students / Depends on student

Concert costumes are due in term 3

  • Little Stars / 2 costumes
  • Troupe students / 1 costume
  • Hip hop students / 1 costume
  • Beginner / intermediate students / 1 costume per class

Premier sources beautiful costumes for our students at no charge. Premier spends hours upon hours researching costumes, ordering costumes or shopping for fabric and accessories. Premier liaises with the dressmakers, measures the students, sorts the accounts and creates helpful Costume Lists for parents. It is an enormous but necessary part of organising costumes.

  • Costumes typically cost between $60 - $90 ea (some more, some less). Classical tutus may cost more. Premier makes every effort to keep costume costs to a minimum without compromising on quality or style. Parents are encouraged to put money aside for their costume account throughout the year.

  • Performers may require lipstick, false eyelashes, hairpieces and stockings to be purchased.

  • Costumes will be purchased by Premier School of Dance on behalf of the students. Students must reimburse the full costs of these costumes, even if the student leaves the school prior to the associated performance. Costume costs are the responsibility of the parents/guardians and students.

  • Online costumes are ordered as per a students measurements and the online sizing chart however, here is no guarantee that costumes will be a perfect fit.

  • Costumes cannot be returned or refunded.

  • Some sewing may be required by parents/guardians such as sewing sequins, decorations, buttons, straps, fastenings etc. If the parent/guardian does not wish to complete this, we will assist with finding someone who can complete it for them at a fee.

  • Students will not be allowed on stage if their costume is incomplete or altered in anyway.

  • Troupe costumes may be used by another age group in the future. These costumes will either be resold or hired. If sold, take 20% off price at every sale. If hired, it is at a flat rate of $20 per costume. Costumes must be returned within 7 days.


  • The following classes perform in the concert:
    U5 Little Stars / U6 - Open Troupe  / Hip Hop / Beginner Intermediate Teens

    If you do not wish for your child to perform in any performance or exam please notify the Director at time of enrollment otherwise costumes will be organised and Premier will need to be reimbursed.

  • Professional DVD/USB purchase of the concert is compulsory for all students performing.

  • It the teachers decision as to whether or not a student is ready to perform their exam. Only students who are of high technical standard and good syllabus knowledge will be able to enter.

  • Students injured or sick at the time of an examination may withdraw with a doctors certificate.

  • Students may not be able to join troupe (competition class) if they are inexperienced or their technical skill level is well below other students in that class. The teacher will determine if this class is suitable.


The Premier concert is held at the end of term 3, therefore we start our new dance year at the beginning of term 4. Classes and timetable may change in term 4. Students may move up an age group.

  • Class times may alter from term to term.

  • It is not guaranteed that the same teacher will teach for the whole term or year.

  • Premier will endeavour to find relief teachers where necessary.

  • Parents may not request times/days/specific teacher due to the challenge of making a timetable work for the whole school.

  • If a class has four or less paying students enrolled, it may be cancelled. Students may be placed into another class.


  • Private lessons will not be rescheduled if the student misses a lesson. Parents may organise between themselves to swap lessons with another student for that week, or sell their time slot to another student.

  • If the private lesson is a duo or trio and one or two students are away, the lesson will continue.


  • All teachers hold a National Criminal History Check and First Aid Training.

  • U5 parents must remain for the duration of the class.

  • If a parent is unavailable to take their child to the toilet located outside the building, a student teacher, teacher, or mother in the waiting room will chaperone the student to the toilet but must not enter toilet. Students in U12 and upwards may go with a fellow class mate.
  • Premier School of Dance cannot provide supervision for students when they are not in class. This includes the waiting room and car park. Parents/guardians must supervise their own child when not in class, including breaks between classes.

  • Premier School of Dance, and its employees do not hold responsibility for any liability in respect to accident or injury to students.

  • Students perform at their own risk.

  • Premier School of Dance does not hold responsibility for loss or damage to personal property.

  • By enrolling you give consent for your child to be filmed by teachers or professionals for studio publicity, memorabilia purposes, or social media marketing.

  • Due to privacy laws, parents/guardians/family members or friends may not photograph or film during class or performances.

  • Students and parents may contact Premier if they have any questions or concerns. Child-safe-policy.


  • Teachers, students and parents must work towards making Premier School of Dance a pleasant and friendly environment. Code of Conduct


  • All costumes, choreography, paperwork, recordings and music remain the property of Premier School of Dance, and must not be re-used or sold after leaving the school or whilst the student is at the school without permission.