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Private Tuition

Ballet / Contemporary / Jazz / Hip Hop / Tap / Musical Theatre

For students aged 3yrs - 21yrs

Private lessons are offered to students who are of a high standard and wish to enter a solo, duo, or trio in competitions. Students are expected to be committed and rehearse at home every week to maximise their improvement and development. One-on-one private tuition is the best way for a student to reach their potential. It is an excellent way to build self-confidence and stage experience.

Due to limited time slots, private lessons are by invitation only.


Class Class Type Day Time Term Fee
Private Tuition Solo TBA 30 mins p week 27 p week
Private Tuition Solo TBA 60 mins p week 50 p week
Private Tuition Solo TBA 90 mins p week 75 p week
Private Tuition Duo TBA 30 mins p week 14 p week (ea)
Private Tuition Trio TBA 30 mins p week 10 p week (ea)