As part of Premiers commitment to high quality tuition, students have the opportunity to enter ballet, jazz and tap exams.

Technique classes are used to teach the exam syllabus, which includes a range of exercises and dance routines. We want to ensure each student will achieve his or her maximum potential in an exam situation. This is why ballet students in U10 and above must participate in a minimum of 2 classes per week.

Examinations are optional, although highly recommend. Examinations set a goal for the students to achieve every year providing them with a challenge, which in turn teaches students commitment and dedication. Students are rewarded with certificates, trophies and reports. Exam fees apply.

The following students have the opportunity to enter examinations (optional):

  • Ballet technique students (Borovansky syllabus)
  • Jazz technique students (CSTD syllabus)
  • Tap technique students (CSTD syllabus)