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Pre School Dance Classes


  • Learn warm up exercises for strength and flexibility.
  • Learn ballet, jazz, and tap dance technique.
  • Learn two performance routines to perform in the annual Premier School of Dance concert.
  • Learn how to follow the directions from a dance instructor.
  • Learn musicality, coordination, and expression.
  • Learn poise, posture, and grace.
  • Learn teamwork and partner work and self-expression.



U5 Little Stars perform two routines in the annual Premier School of Dance concert. They wear beautiful costumes performing their gorgeous dances for family and friends. It’s a highlight of the year for the students and the best way to build confidence and self esteem.



Our U5 pre school class is called Little Stars. At Premier School of Dance, we provide a positive dance education that inspires your child’s first creative movements into a life journey of dance and learning. By giving your child the experience of learning dance in a caring environment, you will give them the opportunity to develop confidence, motor skills, expression, and the love of dance.

Through our carefully crafted classes and high quality teaching, your child’s creativity and imagination, physical and social capabilities and artistic and musical appreciation will be enhanced and developed.

Little Stars learn ballet, jazz and tap. Ballet is the foundation of all dance focusing on poise, strength, grace, balance, and muscle control. Jazz is upbeat and lots of fun. The students love jumping, moving, and grooving to popular children’s music. Tap is often the favourite as they wear specialised tap shoes to make music with their feet, gaining an understanding of rhythm and musicality. Combining these three genres gives students the best start for their dance journey.

Our talented and caring teachers love working with our Little Stars, with the goal of gently nurturing their development and creativity. Our teachers work on increasing concentration, co-ordination, listening skills, following instruction and inspiring social interaction with a lot of fun added in! The classes are extremely low in cost and new students receive 50% off their first term fees.


“My 4 year old loves coming to dance classes every week. She finds it fun and has gained a lot of confidence. It's a very friendly dance school with experienced and professional teachers”. Carolina


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