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Jazz Dance Classes


  • Learn the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (C.S.T.D) Modern Jazz examination syllabus
  • Learn choreography for a concert performance (beginner classes only).
  • Learn strong jazz technique.
  • Learn how to increase flexibility and strength.
  • Learn how to dance with style.
  • Learn musicality and coordination
  • Learn isolations, kicks, turns, leaps, floor work, and exciting choreography in a range of styles.



  • There is an examination opportunity for students who have reached a high standard (not applicable to beginner classes).
  • Beginner students learn a choreographed routine to perform in the annual Premier School of Dance concert. Students wear awesome costumes as they perform for family and friends. It’s the highlight of the year for the students and the best way to build confidence and self esteem (beginner classes only).



Premier School of Dance provides excellence in jazz dance tuition. Jazz classes are fun and challenging emphasising correct technique, core strength, and the expression of music and emotion through movement. The overall aim of the class is to assist students to become confident, strong jazz dancers.

As students progress through each exam grade, they learn isolations, turns, kicks, leaps and awesome routines in hard-hitting jazz and soft, delicate lyrical styles. Beginner classes perfect a routine to perform in the annual concert.

Students gain skills such as deportment, body awareness, safe dance practices, musicality, discipline, punctuality, presentation and confidence.

The classes are low in cost and new students receive 50% off their first term fees.


“One of the best things I have ever done for my children was to contact Premier School of dance. The teachers, parents and students and all very friendly and just like a second family. I can see the confidence and progress in my daughter and Thursdays and Saturdays are her favourite days as these are the days she gets to attend at Premier for her dance lessons”. Shantelle



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