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Flexibility & Strengthening Classes


  • Learn strengthening and conditioning exercises.
  • Learn how to increase flexibility with safe stretching techniques.
  • Learn how to apply flexibility to kicks and leaps.



This class is purely for fun and self-development. There are no performances or examinations.



These classes are ideal for dancers, martial arts students, sports players, or anyone wanting to improve flexibility and gain core strength.

Also know as stretch class, our flexibility class involves an extensive warm up followed by a series of controlled, safe exercises to improve strength, increase range of motion in the joints, improve balance, alignment, control and agility. There is an added bonus of improved coordination and cardio fitness. Students will work towards achieving left, right, and centre splits.

We work with students on an individual basis. Every student has a different range of mobility and flexibility in their joints and muscles. Students are taught safe warm up, stretching, and cool down exercises. Students are encouraged to implement what they have learned regularly at home to see results. At Premier, we encourage gradual improvement with correct alignment and technique.

Dance elements such as split leaps in the air, kicks and layouts are practiced and perfected with a focus on correct technique. These skills will enhance any dance routine and not to mention, it's lots of fun!

The classes are low in cost and new students receive 50% off their first term fees.



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