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Contemporary Dance Classes


  • Learn how to improve flexibility.
  • Learn concepts of flow and weight transfer, rebound and suspension, contraction and release, fall and recovery.
  • Learn about musicality and interpretation of music.
  • Learn about expression through movement.
  • Learn spatial awareness.
  • Learn partner work and teamwork.
  • Learn a choreographed routine to perform in the annual Premier School of Dance concert.



Beginner students learn a choreographed routine to perform in the annual Premier School of Dance concert. Students wear costumes onstage as they perform for family and friends. It’s a highlight of the year for the students and the best way to build confidence and self esteem (beginner classes only).



Our contemporary classes are suitable for absolute beginners or intermediate-level students wanting to improve.

Contemporary is a creative dance form that combines classical and jazz technique with a sense of expressive release. The choreography usually tells a story or portrays a theme and relies greatly on the contribution of the dancers themselves to use feeling and imagination. It is versatile in the different styles of music you can dance to and movements can vary from graceful movements, to sharp and explosive movements. 

Contemporary dance forms allow students to explore their individual dance style outside of the structure of traditional ballet and jazz classes. Students are pleasantly surprised by how much they learn and how far they progress. Our classes are challenging but we make sure everyone can master the moves. Most importantly, students feel a sense of fun and enjoyment.

The classes are low in cost and new students receive 50% off their first term fees.

“ I love the routines Miss Chelsea creates for us. My favourite part is performing on stage”. Emma


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