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Performance Teams


  • Learn approximately two performance routines per year.
  • Learn routines in a range of dance genres including classical, lyrical, contemporary, jazz, tap, and musical theatre.
  • Learn patterning and spatial awareness.
  • Learn how to dance in unison and perform solo parts.
  • Learn how to work in a team.
  • Learn how to pick up choreography quickly in a range of styles and genres.
  • Learn stage skills.
  • Learn performance skills.



Premier School of dance troupe students compete in popular Candance sate competitions. Performing their beautiful routines on stage is a highlight of the year for the students, parents and teachers.



The extremely popular troupe classes are ideal for kids who love performing, and want to strive for excellence. Students learn a variety of choreographed routines and perform them on stage at Candance competitions, the annual Premier school of Dance concert, and other events.

Troupe dancers are well-rounded dancers. Classical, lyrical, contemporary, jazz, tap and musical theatre, are amongst the genres taught in troupe class. Miss Nikki, the director and principle dance instructor, teaches the latest choreographic style to her troupe students and is always looking to inspire and challenge her students in a creative, supportive environment.

Premier has a proud history of excelling at state competitions and is proud of the healthy, respectful attitude, they install in their dancers toward competitions. The focus is on having fun and doing your best. A high standard is achieved because troupe students also participate in technique classes. Unlike some schools, which ignore technique and do performance only, Premiers students have fantastic performance skills backed by strong technique. This is essential for any dancer, in particular for those wanting to make a career of dance.

Beautiful friendships are created as the students work closely together in a team. Many students start learning dance at a young age and grow up together in the same class until they are adults. There is an old saying in the dance world that rings true “Friends that dace together, stay together”. For students coming to Premier from another studio, we make the transition easy. The students are supported and are made to feel welcome as part of the team.

Like any sporting team, troupe members need to be committed as they work towards performances.

To make dance affordable to troupe members, Premier offers heavily discounted Troupe Package Deals. In addition to this, new students receive 50% off their first term fees.

“This is my fourteenth year dancing with Premier School of Dance. I love being a student at Premier School of Dance, my teacher, Miss Nikki, encourages me to challenge myself and I have improved as a performer with her help. Miss Nikki has helped me to build my confidence and believe in myself and my abilities. Miss Nikki always listens to the music ideas I have for my solo routines, and being able to collaborate with her in this way allows me to express my creativity and leaves me inspired and excited about performing. I love being able do solo and troupe routines and express myself through the many different dance and theatrical styles taught at Premier. Having the opportunity to perform at dance competitions and our annual Premier School of Dance concert gives me a goal to work towards, and it is also very exciting and fun to be part of these events along with my friends at Premier”. Caitlin



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