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Classical Ballet Dance Classes


  • Learn the Australian Institute of Classical Dance (A.I.C.D) Borovansky examination syllabus
  • Learn barre, centre and corner exercises.
  • Learn terminology and theory applicable to the grade.
  • Learn correct classical ballet technique.
  • Learn choreography for a concert performance (beginner classes only).
  • Learn how to increase flexibility and strength.
  • Learn poise, posture, and grace.
  • Learn discipline and a strong work ethic.



  • There is an examination opportunity for students who have reached a high standard (not applicable to beginner classes).
  • Beginner students learn a choreographed routine to perform in the annual Premier School of Dance concert. Students wear beautiful tutus as they perform for family and friends. It’s the highlight of the year for the students and the best way to build confidence and self esteem (beginner classes only).



Premier School of Dance provides excellence in classical ballet tuition. Classes are fun and challenging. Classical ballet is an essential part of any dancer’s training. Ballet will bring grace, strength, technique and poise to a dancers presentation.

Our holistic approach to the training of each student results in a well-trained dancer with true appreciation for this beautiful art form. Each student's journey is individual and we aim to support, guide and assist him or her whether they are learning for fun or pursuing career in dance.

Premier School of Dance’s classical ballet training will give students skills for life such as deportment, body awareness, safe dance practices, musicality, discipline, punctuality, presentation, and confidence. Students feel a great sense of achievement as they advance through the grades. The classes are low in cost and new students receive 50% off their first term fees.


“My daughter absolutely loves going to ballet each week. I can see how she has grown into a ballerina. My husband and I are very impressed with the high standard of teaching at the school. The teachers are committed, caring & very supportive of the students. We highly recommend Premier to anyone who asks us about a dance school for their child”.  Melissa



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