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U15 Yrs (2002 & 2003)

For students born in 2002 & 2003


Ballet / Contemporary / Jazz / Tap / Musical Theatre 

The extremely popular troupe classes are ideal for kids who love performing, want to strive for excellence and have previous dance experience. Students learn a variety of choreographed routines and perform them on stage at state competitions, the concert, and other events. These performances are a highlight for the students, parents and teachers. Strong friendships are created as the students work closely together in a team. Like any sporting team, troupe members need to be committed as they work towards performances.

  • Troupe students must enrol in ballet, jazz and tap technique classes.
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Ballet / Jazz / Tap 

If you are looking for dance classes where the focus is on having fun and developing strong technique, then ballet, jazz, and tap technique classes are for you. Students learn dance syllabuses and work towards an annual examination. Technique classes are based on the CSTD (jazz and tap) and Borovansky (ballet) methods. Please see Classes and Examinations for more information.

  • Students may enrol in one or more of the technique classes on offer.
  • 2 ballet classes a week is compulsory to ensure students reach a high technical standard.


Acro / Flexibility / Hip Hop / Boys Hip Hop / Pointe

These classes are for enjoyment and self-development.

Acro students are taught elements of gymnastics, jazz, balancing and contortion with safe technique. Students work towards learning handstands, hand walking, cartwheels and aerials, elbow stands, handsprings, walkovers and sommersaults and more.

Flexibility classes involve an extensive warm up followed by a series of exercises to improve strength, flexibility, balance, control and agility. Student’s work towards achieving left, right and centre splits. Leaps, kicks, layouts and turns are practiced and perfected with a focus on correct technique.

Hip hop students are taught a variety of styles including hard-hitting hip hop and smooth lyrical styles and are encouraged to develop their own unique choreography and style. Hip hop students perform in the annual Premier concert.

Pointe students learn to dance on their toes in specialised dance shoes. Students are taught the pointe component of their examination syllabus.

  • Students may enrol in one or more of the extracurricular classes on offer.
  • U15/Open Hip Hop perform in the Candance comps in June/July

See our Uniform Policy & Term Dates


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Class Class Type Day Time Term Fee
Troupe Performance Group Saturday 3:00 - 4:15 117
Felxibility All Levels Sunday 12:45 - 1:30 99
Acro/Gymnastics All Levels Sunday 1:30 - 2:15 99