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Private Tuition

Ballet / Contemporary / Jazz / Hip Hop / Tap / Musical Theatre

For students aged 3yrs - 21yrs

Private lessons are offered to students who are of a high standard and wish to enter a solo, duo or trio in the competitions. Students are expected to be committed and rehearse at home every week to maximise their improvement and development.

One-on-one private tuition is the best way for a student to reach their potential. It is an excellent way to build self-confidence and stage experience. Due to limited time slots, private lessons are by invitation only.



Do you need to rehearse your solo routines, troupe routines, or exam syllabus but don’t have room at home? Book a weekly time slot studio 2.

- A regular rehearsal time each week helps you stay focused and committed
- Ample room to practice spacing, floor work, jumps turns and leaps 
- Professional sprung dance flooring is particularly great for tap and pointe shoes 
- Mirrors for self-correction
- Air conditioning

Contact Us
 for available time slots.

Class Class Type Day Time Term Fee
Private Tuition Solo TBA 30 mins per week 25 per week
Private Tuition Solo TBA 60 min per week 40 per week
Private Tuition Solo TBA 90 mins per week 60 per week
Private Tuition Duo TBA 30 mins per week 12.50 ea per week
Private Tuition Trio TBA 30 mins per week 8.50 ea per week
Weekly Studio Hire - TBA 30 mins per week 7 per week
Weekly Studio Hire - TBA 60 mins per week 14 per week